Cannings-Feb 1. My garden-May 24

V.panicum ‘heavy metal’ //  S.rugosa ‘fireworks’  //  L. spicata

Heavy metal goes in the newly vacant spot in front of the porch–when it grows in, it will obscure the porch…when we sit out, it will look like we are floating  on a sea of prairie grass.

Fireworks gets up to 4 feet high, and has fall value—against the wall by the basement window…with day lilies in front as a textural foil.

Liatris in the garden, b/c I dont have enough white highlights.


2 thoughts on “Cannings-Feb 1. My garden-May 24

    The 3-foot agastache “Blue Fountain,” with spikes of violet-blue flowers blooms at the same time and makes a perfect companion for the phlox. Also called Mexican Hyssop, A. “Blue Fountain” made a rather late showing this spring and nearly met its demise when this gardener, struck with an attack of impatience, branded it as a no show and almost dug it out. Fortunately, I came to my senses, gave it a reprieve, and in the past week a bit of green emerged from the base of the plants. My mother always told me patience is a virtue, and nowhere is it more true than in the garden.
    Dead heading spent blooms extends the flowering of phlox and agastache and prevents them from reseeding. Both are great for cutting.

    • Another tough-as-nails plant that glows in my late-season garden is Solidago rugosa “Fireworks.” Elongated clusters of tiny golden-colored flowers gracefully spilling over the ends of 36-inch stems, resemble a shower of skyrockets exploding in the garden. In full- to part-sun gardens, this plant is a lusty grower that needs dividing every three years. It’s worth the effort. It makes a great cut flower

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