Saw one a lot like this today


Eastern Swallowtail— while a known local species, HIGHLY unlikely for mid March.


3 thoughts on “Saw one a lot like this today

  1. Q&A with Rick Cavasin, Butterfly expert:

    On 19 March 2016 at 19:40, Jeff Burke wrote:

    the yellow was a clear yellow and high contrast with the black markings… I have had swallowtails in my yard before, so that was my first thought. The next thought was, ”Hey, its March”.

    And it was not warm here today—max, 14 if you could be in a wind protected spot in direct sunshine. I have seen bugs in the last few weeks, with temps in high teens and no wind—none today.
    I wouldn’t have thought it made it up to 14C today. We got nowhere near that temperature up here in Ottawa. If it was 14C, then any of hibernators I mentioned would be perfectly plausible in a sheltered

    But if that is not what you saw, then it is also possible that last fall, a swallowtail caterpillar formed it’s chrysalis inside a garage or shed, and with the sun, the temperature got somewhat warmer inside
    during these past few days and it got tricked into emerging early.

    Then someone opened the door and it flew out. But like I said, it must have been close to where you saw it because I don’t think those butterflies would fly far if it was 14C outside. 14C is on the low
    side even for the hibernators.

    I think that’s about the best we can do without more information.

    Cheers, Rick

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