My name is Jeff Burke. Watching my maternal grandmother using cut up nylons to wick-water her window full of African Violets was just… baffling. Her daughter (my Mom) still cranks out a memorable display into her 70s, in her Paris,ON garden.

Most of the plants were purchased as plants—some grown from seeds.

Immediate plan is —less maintenance. The end is near for widows tears.

The garden is the front yard of 26 Mary Street. If I am oot and aboot, advice is always free. If I dont wave, its because I am shortsighted and cant see you— I dont wear glasses in the garden. If i am barefoot, thats normal, I dont wear shoes in the garden. If I appear inefficient, it’s because I make mistakes too fast with big tools.

This my my domain— but its really His domain, and I just look after it.

My sole purpose of this blog was agglomerating all my gardening stuff in one place— if it helps you, great.



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